From: Roshni Cutinha

I want to share my testimony about how God healed my child and also led us to salvation.

God is awesome and is true to His promises. I have a child aged 4 years diagnoised of Tuberous sclerosis. It is a genetic disease causing tumors in all vital organs, kidney, brain, liver etc. At the age of 3 months, she had enlarged kidneys and the doctors said they were not functioning properly at all. And at 4 months, she started having seizures. Uncontrollable seizures. Refered many many doctors and specialists, did several tests. Doctors could not control the seizures. Our situation at that time was miserable. We were desperate. It is very torturing to see your child suffer not being to help your child. We were desperate. She could not sleep at night nor could we. We had lost our joy, our happiness, In fact we did not want to live.

At that hopeless moment, Jesus became our Hope. He became our Refuge. God's word says "Those who hope in Him will never be disappointed". My mother led us to Jesus. We came to know that Jesus is the God who stills heals, makes us whole and restores us. We started confessing healing scriptures on our child and just believed that she is HEALED. I had also written to "2 Jesus" and you encouraged me to continue in my fight of faith. You told me that I just have believe that I have received my healing and I shall have it.

We began our journey of faith believing that God will do what He has promised in His Word. There was no change in her seizures, days passed but we still held on to God's word. One day, we decided to stop all medications and trust only Jesus for her healing. Praise God, the seizures stopped. They just stopped. And she was healed. And the kidneys were functioning properly. Praise Jesus!

I want to encourage all those who are believing Jesus for their healing, for the healing of their children, just hold on ... Jesus is the healer. HE IS JEHOVAH RAFHA ... the Lord heals. He will fulfill His promise. You have come to Jesus, now Jesus will do for you what you believe him for, according to your faith!

I also thank 2 Jesus for encouraging me at my time of need. May God bless you and your ministry abundantly.

Trust Jesus, He is the healer ... 2jesus