From: Harold's Wife

The Lord has intervened for my husband (Harold) at different times in his life. He used to never wear his seat belt but he felt to on this particular day. He was a truck driver and all of a sudden he had to swerve to miss a car and the truck went into a ditch and was laying on it's side. His luggage and other stuff were crushed and he would have been too if he hadn't had the urge to put on his seat belt.

He's had two open heart surgeries and after the second one he saw angels in the hospital room. (That made a believer out of him.)

He cut his wrist (while working with a power saw) down to he bone. He was on Coumadin (a blood thinner) and the doctors were surprised that he wasn't bleeding more. He could have died but he didn't. He lost a lot of blood and was in a lot of pain. He asked the nurse to give him a shot for the pain. When she left the room I dropped down beside him and he and I prayed for his wrist. The nurse came back in a couple minutes and my husband told her that he didn't need any shot. The Lord had taken all the pain away.

They stitched his wrist without any medication at all. (Only the Lord can do that!!) He is a great physician.

2001 Harold was out in the yard tilling around a tree that he wanted to move to a different location. He cut into an electric line that was buried in the ground. He came in and turned off the main electric box. He then went back out to cut into the wire with his pocket knife to fix it. It shot fire out from the wire and caused Harold to fall back. Harold's knife had a hole in it from the fire that shot out from that wire. He called the electric Company and they came out and had to shut the electric off from the main pole by the road. It was 220 volt. The man said if any metal would have been touching him it would have killed him. He had to been touching metal when he held the knife in his hand. Harold had felt nothing from it. No shock or anything; just a little shaken up. The Lord has surely put a shield of protection on his life.

I think that Herold has been living under the shelter of the Most High ... 2jesus