From: Stephen from the UK

Hi my name is Stephen
I would like to tell you what i was like then what happened to me then something very special indeed. I was a very angry person with God because I was never happy about things I had lost. I felt like I had been robbed in life.

But then one day in January 2007 I had 2 brain attacks one after the other. I was with a very caring friend and what seemed to me like 2 to 3 minutes I was out of it. But my friend told me I died for about 40 minutes and then I came back and said its not my time yet. I was taken to Hospital and on the way I said all I had been told when I past over. Later that day I forgot all I was told. But when I was trying to get better I found the woman I have now fallen in love with and she has fallen in love with me.

Something I had longed for and I would not have found her if I had not gone through what I had. I know that now. Then I asked my friend to tell me everything that happened when I had the attacks to make sense of it all and she did. 3 or 4 hours later I remembered everything I had been told and I had seen.

Then not long after I was at home by myself and I felt very tied so i thought I hope its not happening again. Then a voice spoke to me it was a nice gentle voice that talked to me and let me know what was going on. I think it was a angel and it said Jesus was going to heal me and I felt His hands on my head and I was very warm. I thank him for putting me through what I had to go through. All the time I had to have my eyes shut and the calm voice kept me very calm.

Then the next stage was getting all the negatively that had built up in my life out and I said there is a lot of that to come out and the voice said Jesus likes my humbleness and is smiling. My feet started pushing and the voice said its ok there is just a lot to come out. I felt it come out in 2 bursts from the back of my head. Then I was told Satan will come to me and he will try to tell me I did not die and that I imagined it all and I would loose my friend.

Don't listen to him tell him leave me Satan I have accepted Jesus Christ into my life and he can not do anything to me. Jesus will not let him ... I told Jesus and the voice I am not one for going to church but I do now believe in God and Jesus and I have now got faith and I do now pray and the voice said that is good another for Jesus. I am honest about it and He likes that. I look forward to a good life getting marred to the woman I love and care for and starting a family something I have wanted to do for some time. God is love I know that now. Thank you. Stephen.

God guides each of us in a different way, pray that Stephen finds a good Church ... 2jesus