Great day to rejoice for my Mom's spiritual birth.
From: Tracy

Rainy & stormy day, my mom was coughing badly. What I can do is to commit her to our Jesus to heal and look after her while I rushed to work. Thank God that I did not miss my company transport! =) I was rebuking the weather knowing that the enemy is trying hard to prevent my mom from going to church.

In the afternoon, I took half day from work. My mom & I had made an appointment with Bro Eric Tan from Lighthouse Evangelism She felt so different & relieved. Strangely she was crying the moment she stepped into LHE Tampines. It was phenomenon sight! I know for her character she will never cry in front of strangers & behaved such a way in public. But I told her and reassured her that it was Holy Spirit whose sweet presence touches her. I sincerely believed she sensed God overwhelming power and sovereignty the moment she stepped into LHE compound.

Bro Eric started to share the gospel. He mentioned about varies stories from the bible. My mom at that moment may not understand everything. God was good to use him to speak words of comfort, encouragement and life to her. Bro Eric led her to say the sinner's prayer after she agreed to believe Jesus is the only solution and God to solve our family crisis. She was crying in tears of thanksgiving when we prayed the sinner's prayer together. Halleluia!! Praise God for saving her soul.

The storm is overwhelming but God is in control & faithful to see us through. He will never leave us nor forsake us in times of needs. Right now, we may be down in the valleys. We may not understand God's perfect plans and timing for our future. However, God is hears prayers and answers us in His perfect timing. Never cease and give up in praying for our loved ones. Prayer changes things!

It took at least 12 years to pray for her salvation. I was always persecuted by her. In the past, I always quarrel and had very bad blood with her. We can argue anything under the sun. We can be so mean to hurt each other and spike each other. Several times, I was chased out of home by her. Forgiveness awakening was really the main key for breakthrough in our sour relationship. Many times, Jesus had told me to humble and asked her for forgiveness. It may not be my fault but what do I get if she is angry and sad? It is only the work of enemy trying to steal, rob and destroy. What the use of winning?

Things started to pick up better each day. We began to learn to speak out our misunderstandings & thrash out our differences. Issues may be buried for childhood till now. God intervened and made reconciliation and transformations. I started to make a commitment to GOD to change my attitudes towards her. I believe my mom is so old. Don't expect her to change characters. She had been like that for the past 50 years. So changes should come from me instead of her. I started to treasure her. We should not wait till a person's death to appreciate, love and cherish them. Don't live in regret!

I was sharing this wonderful testimony to the Chinese congregation. Again, I apologized to her. I told them that my mom is brave and strong. Sincerely I thanked her for great sacrifices for my family. She is an awesome mother and wife. I am blessed that God gave me such a precious mother. I meant from my heart, I was crying with joy during the sharing. So grateful to Jesus for saving her soul!!!

During this testing period, Mummy and I become very close friends. We shares woes and joy together. I know God had loved her more than we do. Thank God for being a support to her. I believed that all things worked together for good for those who love God. He had been there for all of us! Amen! Thank you Jesus lover of all souls!

Sincerely thank God for those special ones. We cried together and pray for salvations for my loved ones. Now we see the fruits and harvests. Let's press on and rejoice. Pray with a humble & forgiving heart towards others. In due time, Holy Spirit will rescue them out of darkness into His eternal kingdom in heaven!

Agape Love,
Sis Tracy

Tracy and I have prayed for her mother many times. Thank you Jesus ... Ferd@2jesus