His Grace Saves Me!
by: Vic Aulakh

I was saved many years ago. I always believed, but never acted on what I believed, until now. I have more faith thanks to your section on faith. I'm a college student who has had a very difficult time this semester. I was very unhappy and sad with the way things were going. Then, I read the bible verses you supplied in your faith section. I now realize that faith is the very cornerstone of Christianity. I prayed and I believed that God will help me. More than that, I have faith that He has already made me happy whether or not He has delivered to me the earthly results. I do not need to see what He has done to have faith. All though this isn't exactly my mouth, I am reading this out loud from my heart, allowing the world to hear the joy that Jesus has brought me. I feel like I could praise His name for an eternity. Sometimes, I think my life is getting worse, but then I realize how can it when I have God standing with me and watching over me because I am his son. It's amazing how God can bring someone into your life and take them away, and leave you with more than you ever had. For that person was my revelation and I was that person's test. I'm just beginning to realize the promises that God has given his faithful followers. I come from a non-Christian family. I've never had a family to go to church with. But I know realize that I do have a family. That is the family of believers in Christ. I have one last confession to make and as you read this say it out loud with me: Jesus is the Word, His name my only pride, His grace saves me! Amen!

Vick Aulakh

Thank God for Vick, our newborn brother ... 2jesus