Glorious and Merciful God
From Darryl

Dear Saints,

My name is Darryl and I was just reborn on March the 4th / 2005. It is all happened because God's Grace. That is all. Not because I did anything special. I am a grave sinner in God's eyes. He is a merciful God. And Jesus paid such a high price to deliver us from sin and death itself. Count yourself fortunate to be considered a child of God. Because not one of us is worthy of Salvation. God Bless Your children by preparing them for Salvation. Less of me and more of Jesus. Help us all to stop sinning and purify ourselves. This is not an easy life, but one that is pure. May God cover you with His hands in times of trouble. And, don't forget to Love Your Father and to Love those who are less fortunate than us. (our Neighbor). In Jesus name. Child of God.

Welcome to the Family of God ... 2jesus