I felt the presence of Jesus every minute
From Selvi

Dear brother Ferd,

Two months ago, I wrote to you about my diagnosis i.e. breast cancer. You supported me with lots of God's love. I would like to thank Jesus for talking to me through you. I had my surgery and God saved me from treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. The most wonderful thing that I found in going through this surgery was God's strength in my weakness. I took photographs of me everyday when I was in the hospital. One hour after four and a half hours surgery, I was smiling. It looked like Jesus had lifted the burden of me. Even when the devil tried to instil fear of death in me, I could easily brush it aside. Such was/is the power of Jesus that I felt and feel.

I had been through two major surgeries without my family being by my side. But I was never alone and I felt the presence of Jesus every minute. Whenever fear came about, I thought about Matthew 6 where Jesus mentions about whether we can do anything in our life by worrying? What a wonderful verse it is!

Brother Ferd, thank you very much for all your support and all the prayers that came from all believers from different quarters. Brother, I would like to volunteer to talk or write to anyone who is going through similar sickness and testify in the name of Jesus.

Thanks once again. God Bless you.

Your sister in Christ


Thank you Jesus for this sister ... Thank you for never leaving us ... 2jesus