A Family With Jesus
From Yran

I am 42 yrs old , and I have been saved. Jesus came into my life when my hopes of filling my emptiness was gone. I was adopted and always felt I had to find my family so I could be complete. How wrong I was I found my family and still did not fill that emptiness in my heart. One day I visited a church that my friend invited me to. As soon as walk into this church I felt different. The sermon made me more and more thirsty for the water of life which was Jesus. When they made that special call, If there was anyone who wanted to except Jesus as their savior, I automaticly stood up and except Jesus into my heart. I found the family I was looking for. In every verse of the Bible is my support. God loves us so much that he gave his son to die on the cross so we could have eternal life. No family member can love you more than he does. Jesus is my real family. If you feel alone turn to God he will alway be there for you I know that for a fact.

Welcome home ... 2jesus