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My testimony to the Faithfulness of God
by: Karen White

About ten years ago, I was not a Christian I did not even know the true meaning of Christian. My husband of twenty some years passed away. I had been raised Catholic, but had fallen away from the church. I was not attending church saw no real reason to start back. Until struggling with the loss of my husband my next door neighbors invited me to a Gospel Sing at there church. I really said that I would go but kept trying to figure a way out of the commitment with out lying. Well since I couldn't come up with a good reason I went and Betty Jean Robinson was singing that night. The people of the church greeted me with such warmth and love that I kept going back and two weeks later I accepted Jesus in my heart and have never been the same since. Four years after the death of my husband I remarried a Christian man that attended the same church. I was pregnant and I miscarried and lost the baby. One day a couple of years later I came home from work and found a note from my husband. He had just walked away from our marriage and he had credit cards that I did not know about and they were in my name which he proceeded to run up. The Lord brought me throught the divorce and protected me from the evil that my ex had planned. He is so faithful. Then last year on June 18th, 1999, I lost my job after twenty five years of employment. The factory closed due to bankruptcy. On June 2l , three days later I fell and broke my ankle so badly it had to have a plate and screws put in to hold it together. I have not worked for almost 1 year and I am completely debt free, I am going to Vocational School adult education classes to learn computer with hope that I will get a job. My schooling is being paid for. I am so blessed and cared for. He is faithful in all areas His word is true. His word says to count it all joy when trials and tribulations come our way that is very hard to do sometimes I wish I could say that I do. I once read that "our adversities are God's universities." The adversities in my life have caused me to have to rely and trust more completely in his provision and care. I love Him with all my heart, and sometimes I stray from His path, but He is always waiting for me to return to His open arms. If you the reader of this testimony do not have Jesus in your heart please make a decison to invite Him in your heart today.