My Eye
From Wilford Bane

Hi Ferd,

I was just reading your book and thought I'd write a thank you. The Lord, Ferd, has been so good to me I just wish I could tell the whole world. I guess for now I'll settle for you. I hope you are fine and know the Lord is still blessing you as He does all that love Him.

I don't remember if I had told you or not but I was born blind in my right eye. I had one operation when I was a young boy, but no improvement, and I had another operation here a few weeks ago on my left eye for cataracts, but after you talked so much about your healing I knew He could heal me if only I had the faith well I started praying and believing and I can see colors and count my fingers at almost arms length. He is not finished with me yet, but even if He was I know He lives. What a God to have watching over you. I thank Him many times a day and it will not stop as long as there is breath in this old body.

Can you imagine me being over 75 and raised in a home I heard Jesus talked about every day but didn't do the things I should, and now He heals me. Praise His holy name forever.

Thanks Ferd for your time,

Will Bane

No, God is not through with Will. He will soon see 20/20, so as he look at Jesus he will see Him in all His glory ... Ferd@2jesus