Giving up everything to God
From Eunice Chen

I went on a missions trip to help the aborigine kids to grow closer to God. God appointed me to guide this very stubborn girl. I don't know why I always get the stubborn kids ... maybe because I'm stubborn myself. Anyway, on the night of the campfire, each counselor prayed for the kid that they were supposed to look after for. I held the girl in my arms and said to God "God, I know that I cannot touch her heart. I know that I cannot do anything with my own words and strength. Just put your words in my mouth and let Your love flow inside her." I gave everything up to God. Miraculously, when I gave everything up to God and when my eyes were fixed on Him, words came flowing out of my mouth. I knew that I couldn't have done that. Then, I felt God's love and the Holy Spirit shower on me; and like a wave, it went from me to her. Both of us were soaked in His love. Beside us, all the other kids and counselors were crying. I looked up at the sky and to my surprise, the sky seemed so big that night. It was like a huge blanket covering us up. Right then and there, I knew that God was up there, taking control of everything, watching over us.

I feel very blessed to know God at my young age. I'm only 15 and I'm living for God ... Eunice

We need more children like Eunice and this world would be a better place ... 2jesus