by: Kimberly Johnson

Five years ago when my oldest son was five I received a call from his school to come down and check on him because he had fallen on the playground. (It turns out that he was pushed off of the playground's walking bridge by a child who was not supposed to be in the public school system. This child had a history of hurting children and needed special attention, but was not receiving it from the school system.)

I was seven months pregnant with our second child and rushed from work to his school to check on him. When I arrived, my son was in the nurse's office covered in blood. His face was so swollen that I hardly recognized him. He had teeth hanging from his mouth and was sobbing.

I was astonished that the school did not immediately call for an ambulance. I whisked him up in my arms and ran him out to the car. I did not know whether to go the hospital or the dentist. My family and I were new to the town and I didn't know of a dentist to go to. Then I recalled a name of a dentist that a co-worker had mentioned a few days back ... Dr. Hoar. I recalled vaguely where she said his office was located.

I rushed straight there, as if I knew exactly where I was going. I was able to get Austin up to the second floor via the stairs where his office was located. I didn't know it was on the second floor, I just went there. We entered the office and went straight to the back and placed him in the dental chair. Again, it was as if I knew exactly where to go.

Dr. Hoar immediately came in the room and started to work on my son. The dental assistant was there comforting me, for I was in tears and very frantic. It so happened that she was the dentist's wife. He had his afternoon's schedule posted on the wall of each exam room. His schedule was booked with patients for the entire day. He was a very popular dentist and very busy. However, no patients showed that afternoon. Not one single patient showed up.

He and his wife prayed with me for my son's recovery. He spent five hours working on my son. My son had his lip torn away from his gum, teeth dangling, a bone in his mouth broken and had injured his nose.

Dr. Hoar and his wife do missionary work and volunteer their services for those in need in other countries. My son was able to recover in a week's time. God sent Dr. Hoar and his wife to help my son and to care for him. God helped me to find Dr. Hoar's office when I was lost and didn't know where to go.

That evening, complete strangers were calling our home regarding the accident. They told us the background of the child who hurt our son and how that child needed special attention and wasn't getting it from school. We went to the school board and expressed our concerns for this child and how it was not only hurting him, but he was injuring other children. The school only chose to move him into another classroom.

God knows what we need even before we ask ... And is there to guide us ... 2jesus