From: D. Onaka

Around 4 years ago, I went 100% deaf in my right ear practically overnight. I went to a specialist and he couldn't find any reason for it to be gone and that the odds were I would remain completely deaf or lose part of my hearing.

While taking an MRI, I prayed to Jesus to stick His finger in my ear and to heal the nerves that were disconnected. I was in so much peace during my MRI that I fell asleep and they had to repeat one of the photos.

Within 2 weeks, my hearing was COMPLETELY restored and the specialist had me take repeated hearing tests to confirm that my hearing was back! I told the specialist what I had done (prayed!!) and that was the reason I was healed. (I think the Dr. wanted to take credit, attributed it to the steroids, but the odds of 100% recovery were slim to none).

I know that God works in miraculous ways and always uses our weaknesses to further the Kingdom of God. Thank you Jesus for using me.

It is great to be touched by Jesus ... 2jesus