Jesus, When You Call My Name
From Linda Lee, a 2jesus Prayer Warrior

Dear Ferd,

Yesterday a family from our community was involved in a serious accident. There were two children, their parents and grandparents. Today the 7 year old girl is in very serious condition with her brain swelling and a blood clot on her brain. The doctors have done everything including drilling a hole in her head to relieve some of the pressure. The Grandmother has a broken spine and spinal cord and can't move or breath on her own. The doctors say there is no hope that she will ever regain use of her body or any of her organs. The other four were released from the hospital with minor injuries and some broken bones.

Thank God they know who to turn to. The father and grandmother both came to the Lord in that hospital yesterday. The grandfather has been seeking God's wisdom and salvation as well.

Please be in prayer for the entire family.
Thanks for standing in prayer with us.

Love in Christ,
Linda Lee

P.S. I'll let you know what God has done when I hear something.

2jesus posted the names and prayed with Linda Lee.
Here is Linda Lee's report.

Mrs. Geneva (the grandmother) with the completely severed spinal cord and spine is breathing on her own. Those arms and legs that are according to the doctors, paralyzed forever, are now moving at will. The doctors are giving God the glory. They didn't even have the chance to try to do anything. Besides they said that there was nothing anyone could do for her.


Lacey (the 7 year old) is awake now with no signs at all of the brain damage they said she would have IF she lived.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love in Christ
Linda Lee

2jesus, Thanks Jesus Christ our Healer and Savior. And Linda Lee, for being God's voice here on earth.