At The Bottom
From Robert Bramlett

My name Robert Bramlett

I have been trying to get a christian business started for about 10 years. I design christian t-shirts. I know they are good, and really say something. But for all this time, I can not get them to the public. Why? The Devil does not want them out there, and it is my fault that the devil is winning this battle. After looking at and reading 2JESUS I found that I was letting the devil control me. My thoughts, my health, my verry being. It happening over a long span of time. He got in me a little at a time (time is on his side). At first I know I tried to stop him, but after a long time I gave up. I know now what happened, and thanks to 2 Jesus I am thinking right again.

There are so many of us out there the same way. We let the devil in a little at a time until God is so far back he can not help ... WRONG!!! God led me to this site. I did not ask for it or did I? I was so down and out, I went to my computer and typed in christian help, and this is what God gave me HELP. Thank you GOD.

If you think you need help, you do, and it does not matter what kind of help you need. God is there ... I would like every one to know.I belive in Jesus. I am a christian, even though I had dough, for awhile, I'm back praise God. My life was so bad because I left God out of it. I even stoped Praying. I thank God for letting me get this low because, when I hit bottom, I asked God for help, and I feel like a person again ...

Please, if you are at the bottom of life, just ask God for help. But ask, knowing you will get it ...

Thanks again 2 Jesus
Robert Bramlett

The bottom is just the first step in reaching Heaven ... 2jesus