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Blessed Is The Man Who Trust In The Lord
From Sis. Emily Sayson
Dubai, U.A.E.

Dear Pastor,

When I join this congregation in KINGS REVIVAL CHURCH as a Born Again Christian last February, 2001 in Dubai, UAE, my life was changed little by little. I know it is really difficult but if God is in your heart, everything will be changed and you're having a peace of mind. You know it already, Dubai is an open city now so, all the life's of happiness, lust, adulteries, etc ... will be there but as a newly Born Again Christian, I'm doing my best to be an obedient to our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Before when I'm not a Christian, my life was so miserable. I'm having a relationship to a married men, spending or borrowing monies to different people, etc. ... That time, I don't have any wisdom, guidance to our dear Lord and, I know Satan was the one who worked with my life. But, due to my financial trouble, I was in the jail for almost 4 days for not paying my personal loans, credit cards and different cases. Luckily, one of the staff of the bank and she is a Born Again Christian. When she called me that time to ask for the payment of my credit cards (that is already due for almost 6 months that I haven't paid) I told her that I don't have money to pay becoz I am jobless that time. So, she just told me that if I believe on Jesus, I will just come with her in the congregation and surrender everything all your financial dues and God will be the one to pay. That time when she informed me, I was really touched with her words and so, I told her I will try to attend once and if I will be convinced then, I will continue to attend the service. Oh my God, the first time when I attended their services, something happen to myself when we start to pray by worshiping to our dear Lord. I feel trembling, perspiring and tears coming and that day, I accepted that the Lord Jesus Christ is saving my soul, and He is my only salvation. Then, that day my life was changed, I give up those having a relationship with me especially those married men, talking bad words, envy, jealousy, gossiping, drinking, going out in discos etc. ... God knows, how much my life now was changed. So, if you will obey God, then our Lord Jesus Christ will pour his blood of Jesus in your life by giving you more blessings, graces, trials and sufferings. Whatever trials and sufferings I have gone through I just always look unto the Lord and definitely He will be the one to solve our problems in His own ways and not our ways. Beco'z God has a planned to each one of us.

Then, recently last December, 2001, one of the banks that I have a personal loans (I've got 4 banks that I'm having a problem of loans). My loan there is almost Dhs. 38000.00 equivalent to USD 11000.00 and, every time I received monthly any statement of account from different banks I wont dare to open and look at it becoz I know it is getting higher becoz I never paid of unavailability of cash and I'm also a jobless. But, before I received my statement last Dec. 15, 2001, I was surprised becoz I received a 1 booklet of cheques (25 pcs) from one of the bank, that I was thinking why this bank sent me a cheques since I owe too much from them that almost a year I never paid them and, so I just ignored that cheques. Then, after a few days I received another letter from the bank (the same bank that giving me a cheques), and I'm thinking that is my statement of account for the month of Dec. 2001. When I handed it, I am hesitant to open becoz I know its my statement and the amount its getting higher. However, somebody is trying to push me to open the envelope and that's my guardian angel. So, when I open the envelope, I was really astounded becoz my balance for my loan it is already Dhs. 1.00 DR. And, this time O opened the envelope for the statement of Account for the month of October, 2001 that it is still Dhs. 38,000DR. So, it is only a period of 1 month, God answers my prayers that He paid my other loans since I don't benefit on it. That time when I read my statement I cant believe on it but I know in my heart that with God Lord Jesus Christ that nothing is impossible with him or things with him is possible.

Indeed, till now I surrender everything to the Lord all my problems (whatever it is) and definitely He will be the one to solve it on His ways and not our own ways. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with my whole heart, mind, strength, etc. ... Jesus Christ is our Jehovah Jireh, our provider. Amen.

So, brothers and sisters in Christ just be faith and trust God, becoz God says, BLESSED IS THE MAN WHO TRUST IN THE LORD AND WHO'S HOPE IS IN THE LORD, always have hope to our Lord.

Your sister in Christ Jesus,
Sis. Emily Sayson

I could not have said it better, BLESSED IS THE MAN WHO TRUST IN THE LORD AND WHO'S HOPE IS IN THE LORD ... 2jesus