From: Herb Terry

Easter, 2007 Testimony - Beyond Awesome

It sure is good to be standing here today. Almost a year ago, I didn't know if I would be standing up or not. I was flat on my back in Citrus Memorial Hospital with excruciating back pain. This has bee an experience of fear of the unknown, uncertainty, depression, anxiety, worry, the trauma of a devastating injury and deadly disease. We didn't know how we were going to pay for the thousands of dollars in medical costs or if we could even afford the medication. But the Lord provided the answers, and guided us through it all.

I was diagnosed with a collapsed vertebrae crushing the nerves, caused by bone deterioration. An operation called a kyphoplasty was performed and it was determined that I had bone marrow cancer, called Multiple Myeloma. Although incurable, it is treatable. After 3 weeks in the hospital, I was transferred to a nursing home for treatment and rehab for 2 months. I can't begin to describe what I went through in recovery, the pain, not being able to do anything for myself, not able to roll over in bed or go to the bathroom by myself. But I had a lot of help, the Lord provided the right people at the right time. When I wouldn't eat in the hospital, my wife Dianne, told me if I wanted to live I had to eat. When the therapists tried to get me up, I refused because it was just too painful. Again Dianne encouraged me, if I wanted to live I had to get up.

A bone hardening procedure was prescribed, however, this procedure has a possible side effect causing the jawbone to die, preventing any oral surgery if needed in the future, so my teeth were removed. The night of the extraction I was in a lot of pain, being a few weeks after my back surgery, still in a back brace and using a wheelchair. Dianne spent the night helping to keep the packings changed. In the night, the pain was so intense we prayed to Jesus for help. He appeared and put his arms around us, giving us a sense of comfort that was indescribable, and we both slept until morning. The last of July, I came home still in a wheelchair and using a walker. In August, I was able to leave the back brace off.

In September, we attended a weekend marriage seminar at the Christian Center Church hosted by Pastor Don James and his wife Becky. This was a turning point in our walk with Jesus, our lives have been like a freight train running full speed with God at the throttle ever since. We have found the real meaning of faith in the Holy Spirit. Pastor James and Becky gave us an inspirational tape on healing from the Scriptures, we listen to it every day, sometimes several times a day. When we walked into this Church, we could feel the Spirit of the Lord. We knew then that we had found a home, everyone here has been a huge factor in our awakening, giving us their love, support and showing us what faith is all about.

In September, I started the bone hardening procedure, an IV drip every four weeks. A skeletal scan showed porous spots in my bones including two in my skull over two centimeters in diameter. In January, a follow-up scan showed no porous spots. Hallelujah!

In February, during a visit to the VA which included a comprehensive blood test, the oncologist asked me if my local oncologist had talked to me recently. I replied no, she then asked, how is your Myeloma? I replied I don't have it. She looked at me and replied; These tests show no sign of Multiple Myeloma. The March tests at the local clinic showed me to be normal. The local oncologist is more conservative, his words were "partial remission" but I BELIEVE THE REPORT OF THE LORD!

I am now walking at least a mile a day. Living my life to the fullest and telling everyone that healing of the body mind and spirit is there for us all, it is so simple, just believe in Jesus and that He died on the Cross for us and by His blood our sins were washed away. And by His suffering and pain we have healing.


Praise the Lord! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! THANK YOU JESUS!

Jesus has not changed. He is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow ... 2jesus