From: Bro. Abatu Onora and Family, Nigeria

My name is Abatu Onora and l have since asked Jesus to come into my heart and l have confessed Him as Lord, believing in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. I am now reading this Bible which l was made to understand was given by you (2jesus.org) which explains to me fully what is meant by Jesus dying for our sins. We are all imperfect. Only Jesus was and is perfect, so He was the perfect sacrifice for all of the wrongdoing of human kind for all of human history. By simply believing that He took away our sins by His death, burial and resurrection, and thanking Him for, His "righteousness" is applied to us. What wonderful love the Father has for us that He would give up His own Son on our behalf!

Thank You brother for giving me the opportunity to own a Bible because now l will be having my own copy of a Bible for the First Time to study God's Word along with my family, my wife and two sons as before we have non and l always borrow from others for my uses and they always take it back from me leaving me with not much time to study His Words. I am thankful that you did yield to the Lord to do what He has placed on your heart. A lot of people will benefit from this Bible, not only l and my families but others whom we are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with.

Bro. Abatu Onora and Family.

Welcome to the family of God ... 2jesus