Anointing Grace
From Lisa Melton

My name is Lisa Melton and I'm here to say that God heals not only through prayer but by his anointing. I suffered for over twenty-nine years with seizures of an un-known cause. I went through many test to try and determine what was making me have them but the cause was never known. There was never a month that didn't go by that I wouldn't have as many as six to twelve seizures. Sometimes they were mild and other times they were so bad that I could not remember the weeks passed. I've even had memory loss of things that happened in my childhood because of this. One night in church God told me to believe in him and his healing powers and I ask my pastor to be anointed. After church that night I came home and had a seizure as soon as I stepped into my house. Instead of doubting his words, I said in faith believe, "God that's the last one." And he told me "YES".

I had been taking medicine that was high cost and took away my strength. That night I stopped taking it. I have not had seizure now for almost four years. My doctor said that my medicine had finally started working, and I told him I hadn't taking it for months because it wasn't the medicine that had healed me but God's Love and Mercy!

For anyone who has a illness and you belive you'll never be healed, just pray and then sit back and listen to what God tells you to do. I know God has a plan for all of us and to be healed may not be for all of us but God will make it a blessing! He blessed me not only by healing me of my seizure disorder but he blessed me by allowing me to remember all the joys of my little girls childhood. Praise be to God and remember always "We can do all things through Christ who strengths us."

Praise God ... 2jesus