Jesus Is Alive
Second Chance Prayer
From Darlene

Dear Brother FERD, I just want to thank you so much for your prayers and others that prayed for my family. I went to court today with my son Allen and Jesus showed me that he is alive as yesterday and forever. We went in to sign a plea bargain for my son to do four years for some serious charges, but my Jesus had a different plan ... A lot of people were surprised my son only have to do five to six months. God gave my child a second chance to get his life straight. Jesus has lifted a burden in my life ... He also gave me another chance with my son. Mr. Ferd I just want to say thank you so very much for praying with me and helping me to keep my faith in the Lord. I hope this can help someone else and please continue to pray for my family.

Love Darlene

We pray that Allen uses this time wisely getting to know Jesus ... 2jesus