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Aids the Beginning. Not the End.
from: a Brother in Christ

From the other side of the world a brother shows courage and faith in Jesus. Diagnosed with AIDS,

Dear Ferd:

I'm so glad for having a friend like you, Jesus heard my prayers (as He use to), when problems came to my life the worst of all them was to feel alone (my girlfriend left me in the second week of knowing about this), and I didn't want to see people because I felt dirty like a leprous and rejected. I thanks Jesus for that, because it help me to bring me to my knees and to look for Jesus words. Bible taught me that Jesus don't reject anybody, he came to earth for those who were sick to heal them and to those who were sinners to save them, and I have both requirements! Then I came to Jesus and I know that He touched me, Jesus don't care what I was, He only care about who I am by his power words, and I believe him. It's amazing for me to know that Jesus choose the vilest of world to make God's sons, and that's the reason why I glorified Jesus, because there is no glory on me! And that wasn't all his gifts, he gave me a brother in Florida, I glorify your name Jesus! Ferd, I want to thank you for the offering of the bible. I bought an American English dictionary for understand it, and It has been useful today for writing.

Your brother and friend in Jesus

He is now in the Healing Hands of Jesus ...
Thank you my Savior ... 2jesus