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Several years ago I owned a car wash/express lube with my father. During this time God put a very beautiful woman of God in our business. Neither myself or my wife was saved. We started going to church at Terry's request and felt God calling us till we both broke down at the alter and gave our lives to Christ. Terry ministered to us when we needed uplifting but her presence was such and inspiration during hard times. One such time was when I had back surgery, removing a ruptured disk. I was devastated. Normally active, athletic and healthy I was learning how frail I was. Recovery was slow.

I was working December 2, 1995 running our business when an employee said, "Jim, you gotta see this. Someone is crushed under a van in front of the car wash." I immediately went to the front and saw something mangled under the van and people standing around. I felt as if I had to run. I did and started calling for employees to follow. I got to the van and sure enough there was a person under the van. I remember everything being really quiet inside of me and God's voice speaking, "lift the van". I remember not thinking but going to the back of the van and lifting it, not just waist high but chest high. The reality set in, I then prayed God don't let this crush me. I started to become frightened. Then I felt a wave of calm fill me then I yelled pull him out. People were still not responding. One of my Christian employees went under the van and pulled him out. I went to the side of the victim but he was not breathing and had no pulse.

Things got really still inside of me again and God commanded me to breath life back into him. This time I hesitated. I saw all of the blood and was scared of aids or other diseases. God spoke to me and reassured me. Then said breath. As I did this I was aware that over 40 people were praying from the road, my wife, employees, passersby. After the breath his eyes popped open. It was so clear and peaceful. He turned out to be a 14 year old boy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He made a miraculous recovery with out scars. His parents, their whole church and over 1400 people prayed for me as I had developed a lump on my surgery scar and was having pain. It was completely healed the next day. The boys name is Issac Burrows. He and his parents were precious people of God. I told him that God had a beautiful plan for his life and never to doubt or question Gods plan.

I want everyone to know that it was an honor to be used by the most Holy One. All the Glory and Honor to God. God speaks to us all. You too my friend have heard his voice. I have not responded many times thinking this can't be right, I'll pray some more about it. Then it is gone. If you lose the opportunity to serve God you miss a beautiful blessing. Be responsive, right then. God has a plan for each of our lives. I thank him everyday for his plan for mine and have completely surrendered every part of my life to Jesus. If you don't know him or are away, he's waiting for you. Don't miss his call. His Mercy and Joy are yours for the asking. Don't miss the call.

Yours in Christ Jesus ... Jim Cox

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