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I use to work at the Post Office on a rural route here in N.E. Tennessee. One day early in the morning as I started off for work I noticed that my car I delivered mail in was having grinding noises in the front end. I thought it sounded like a c.v. joint but was not sure. The problem became so bad that I thought at one point that I would not make it to work, much less on a route in the country. The steering was shaking badly, and when I got to work I tried to call the main carrier for the route but could not reach him. The route is my responsibility so I told the supervisor what the problem was but that I would try to make it through the day. This would mean more than 50 miles of driving and 600 or more stops at mail boxes and many off-the-road maneuvers. Needless to say I prayed the whole day!

I started the route hearing the grinding, but as I drove along it stopped! I believe that the devil tried to tell me that it was actually getting worse and the only reason it quieted down was because the c.v.joint grease was warming up. Later I was to understand that the opposite was true. As the grease warmed up the grinding should have worsened.

I finished the route without incident! When I left to return home the noise started up again. I decided to look at the c.v.joint later to see what was wrong! I placed my hand inside the c.v. joint boot and pulled out a loose ball bearing! Do you get the picture? I finished the route without incident with at least one less ball bearing and no noise! The whole bearing case was ruined! To GOD be the glory forever! In Romans 10:23 we are told "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering, for He is faithful that promised".

Thanks for your web site!

Joel Morton

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