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From Chris

I took my last drink. I, like countless other people around the world had to admit, that drinking was bad for me. I'd woke up from a jail cell, all hung over. From that time, I knew it was time to quit drinking. I started attending AA. AA brought me back to God. I'm so thankful for being back with God. The road is lonely without him.

There's been stories of how people find pennies and make a wish when they find them. I find a penny on the ground, I bend down and always remember what it says on the coin. IN GOD WE TRUST. Bending down to pick up the coin has kept me humble and thankful.

This little habit of mine has really taken off. A lot of my friends are reminded as well. Last year at a ILLINOIS foot ball game, I was overwhelmed by the amount of drinking at the stadium. I sat in my seat for the first half and went to get a bottle of soda. Seems like everyone in the crowd smelled of alcohol. I kept praying, I wish I could find a penny. I bought my soda and headed back to my seat.

When, I got to my seat there was a penny on my seat. No one else but me and that penny. Some might scoff at this but, I do believe God hears our prayers.

God Bless and thanks for letting me share.

Everyone looks for miracles ... They all want something BIG! This might be the smallest of miracles. 1 cent. But it is also the largest. Because it centered Chris on God and His love ... 2jesus.

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