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From: Sara

Hello again.

Each time I come to visit this site, I am filled with the Joy of the LORD as I feel His Presence!

To know and feel His Love and Mercy, which comes through in His Word - is too hard to find words to describe.

God bless you for following His Will in doing this ministry.

Tonight I clicked on the Holy Spirit Power' and I thought this is the tool to bring my sons and my daughter back to walking with God. I pray they will be open to receiving it! I am going to email it to them when I leave this site.

My ten grandchildren (three by a second marriage, lately) are not getting spiritual food - and they are starving! That happens when all you eat is the spiritual junk-food' the world serves each and everyday.

Tonight I was talking to one of my granddaughters (10 years old) and she mentioned her girlfriends had wanted her to come to their house so they could teach her 'wicca' (sic) and said they have a quija board - when I asked how old they were she said 12 and 14. - so, it is NO MISTAKE that I find myself back here at 2Jesus! - He knew what I needed before I did.

Thanks again for being here. Praise God!


PS -Any (and all) prayers are gratefully accepted!

We will all join together to save Sara's family ... 2jesus

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