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How to live your life walking with Jesus

God's Will: How can we determine it?
If you believe like I do, our life has been planned since before we were created. God's will for our life and its purpose has been pre-written. As a Christian, we want to obey God's will, but how can we determine it? Go to the Bible. His entire plan for living is there, no matter what we do, who we are or where we're going, its in the Bible.

Making decisions and Acting upon them:
Whenever I am faced with a major decision in my life, whether it be about my work, or my leisure, I go to the Bible. If it works for someone there, it will work for me. I pattern each thing I do after the bible verses relating to that subject. I'm such a doubter most of the time about whether I'm making the right decision or not ... I've got to be shown. And so did Gideon. He is frequently cited as a model for Godly decision making. Before Gideon would act upon anything, he'd tell God. SHOW ME! and God did. Gideon's biggest challenge was when the Angel of the Lord told him to go and fight the Midianites and save Israel. Twice Gideon set out a fleece (a clump of wool) to make sure of God's will, (Judges 6:36-40) seeking a tangible sign that this was truly God's will. And twice God showed him in a tangible way, that going against the Midianites was indeed his will. And finally Gideon believed, and had faith and acted on God's will. Like Gideon, when I am faced with many major decisions whether it be in working with my Greyhounds or deciding what new job to take, I have extreme hesitation, doubt and fear, even though through prayer, God has already shown me what to do. SHOW ME demonstrates a lack of Faith in GOD'S word but fortunately, like Gideon, God is very patient with me. So today, when I face a major decision, I go to the Bible and do what God says.

God calls us to clear thinking. Thinking that is based on our relationship with God and his laws which are clearly spelled out in the Bible. God has made us to be thinking, discerning and analytical people who assume responsibility for working our way through life in accordance with His general plans and purposes. When facing all major decisions he challenges us to:

  1. Learn all we can about any situation, relationship, responsibility or opportunity we have.
  2. Weigh it in light of God's precepts and principles,
  3. Act upon that decision.

As we act, we are assured of the fact that God is with us. Doubt about how to go forward with my plan is one of my biggest hurdles in working with the greyhounds and within the Greyhound Industry.

I was asked recently to speak before the House of Representatives Committee on Greyhound Racing Issues in the State of Florida where I live. WOAH!!! Me, who had never appeared before any political body anywhere standing before this powerful committee filled, not only with House of Representative Committee Members, but with the Biggest wigs in the Florida Greyhound Racing Industry who literally hated my guts for the publicity I have generated throughout the state on behalf of rescuing retired racing greyhounds! No way! was my first response. But then some little thing kept niggling my brain reminding me that I had been praying a long time for help on my Proposed Florida Greyhound Sanctuary, a halfway home for retired racing greyhounds till they could be adopted. And here was the answer to my prayer. At least the first step in that direction. This invitation came one day before I was to speak. I was told that I could speak for ten minutes. Now anyone that knows me knows that I can talk forever on my "babies" promoting their cause. So I chickened out about making a speech and figured I'd do what I do best. Make a 10 minute video film on what I wanted to say. Overnight, Ferd and I went to our son's studio and edited footage on greyhounds all night. The next morning, I left at dawn for Tallahassee with my friend to step into the Lion's den. In my hand was a piece of paper with a verse written on it (my sword and trumpet for the Lord) 2 Chronicles, 14:11 "Lord, it is nothing for YOU to help, whether with many or with those who have no power; help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go against this multitude. O Lord, You are our God; do not let man prevail against you!". In the other hand was the video. Wouldn't you know, they asked me to speak first. I stood up, looked down at the podium in front of me, read my verse and took a deep breath. I introduced myself, then shut up. The film rolled and 10 minutes later, 8 of the 11 members of the committee were in tears.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Forty-five minutes later, I had the commitment of two of the Committee members that they would work with me in getting an amendment before the House, helping me with funding on the Florida Greyhound Sanctuary. It was the first step, but without my walking in line with God's word, it wouldn't have happened. This is just one incidence in my life where I've walked in line with HIS word. I try to do it in all ways. Sometimes I forget, but I soon get back in line. It's wonderful to be able to leave things in the hands of someone other than myself. Especially GOD! With him sitting on my shoulder, I can indeed face the multitudes. And so can you! My decision was made with the Bible as my guide and you can do the same thing. Follow the Bible and He'll show you the way.

What decisions are you facing? A new relationship or trouble in the old one? A new Job? Whether to buy that new house or car? These are all major decisions that need to be done by the Bible and in line with God's word. Ask yourself, shall I do it God's Way ... or my way? The choice is your. Make it in line with his will and it will be successful.

Beverly Sebastian

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