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Apostle Paul

I just looked at your site, read the stories and what you are all about. I am excited and very happy for you and what is being done through this ministry for the LORD. I want to help my dear friend, so what can I do to help?

Your story about Charlie is so true and spot on acurate, we already have the victory and power, so why pray or ask for something that we already own? :)

I had a very neat revalation come to me while reading Luke. It was using an illustration of my laptop in relation to Jesus. Lets say that I find out from a friend or someone telling me that you have a laptop that you want to just give me because you love me and it would just thrill you to give it to me. Now, this person comes to me and tells me that Jesus loves me and wants to give his life for me. At this point I have a choice to make for I can accept the laptop from you or turn it down and walk away, it is the same with Jesus ... I can accept what he did for me or simply say no to him and walk away. OK, I have accepted the laptop from you and have accepted salvation from the LORD, BUT I simply put the computer on the shelf and do nothing with it, or with salvation simply accept it and do nothing more with it.

Back to the laptop computer, I must read the instruction manual to see what it is that I have, what processor it has ... how much RAM it has ... what is it all about, how do I use it? It is the same with the LORD, you must read the bible to understand what salvation is about, what promises the LORD has made unto you, and what love he has for us. OK, now I have read my computer manual and the bible and know how to use my computer and know about the love and promises, BUT still do nothing with them. What good is it to you if you do not use it?

What the revalation came down to was that we must use what we have been given. I must use the laptop in order for it to be any good to me, and the same is true with the LORD. I must walk in that faith, act on that word, love as Jesus loves, etc. You saw what happened when I used that computer that GOD gave me to listen to a very pretty song sitting at that table, I used what I had been given and look at what happened. GOD did not give me that computer for it to sit in the case, nor did he give me his son for me to turn my back on him.

My dear friend, that little revalation ment so much to me the day I recieved it. It is something that as a Christian we all know, but sometimes forget about and even take advantage of. Ferd, I love you dearly and I pray that today was the start of a wonderful friendship and love in the LORD. Thank you for what you did for me today, a kind word, a hug, and heartfelt love means so much and it touches me deeply. (((((hugs)))))

Apostle Paul

This is from a new Brother of mine. Born legally blind ... But not anymore ... Thank you Jesus.

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