From: Joseph, Australia

Hi Ferd, this evening - 2.30 am my mother was experiencing pain in her right side. She rarely complains and never wants me to call the doctor. However, on this occasion she asked me to call the doctor so I knew there was an issue. When I called the locum doctor there was suggestion that she may need to go to hospital which was a real worry because it would mean leaving my dad who now has progressed dementure on his own. I started to panic deep within but prayed hard. I then went into your 2jesus web site in the Faith section and it brought me immediate massive relief even before the doctor came.

In my prayer I praised God but also said what is really hard - "but let Your will not mine be done". In times of trauma how hard it is to say that but I think it is the ultimate act of faith - although deep down you prefer God to remove the chalice ie avoid the suffering.

The doctor found my mum to be ok - muscular - what a relief.

Thanks for your web site and again although I am a Catholic I thank you because when my mum was in real strife some 6.5 years ago now your prayers and support really helped me get through in a very traumatic time.

God bless you Ferd!!

Praise God always.

Jesus is always there to help ... 2jesus

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