From: Daryl

I was getting low on a few food items the other day so I stopped into my local grocery store to stock up again. I thank God that I can buy food to keep me going, never worrying about my next meal or need. He will supply them. (Philippians 4:6 and 19)

After filling up my basket I pulled up to the checkout and noticed the Lady in front of me questioning her final bill with the cashier. Apparently there was an item on sale in the weekly flyer, but was being charged for the full price. The cashier looked over the flyer again but could not find the item so she asked one her coworkers to help her to find it. Someone came over and flipped the flyer open and on the very back side found the sale item, as everything was fine.

Now it was my turn (after a little test of patience) to pay for my items. The cashier apologized for the inconvenience as I could tell she was very embarrassed by the mistake earlier. "We are human" I said as I gave a smile and an, "Its' okay." The total came up and I filled out the check for the amount.

As she ran it through, her eye caught something on my check. She stopped and continued to stare at the check so I asked her if there was some problem with it. She said "Oh this is what I need today!" Then she called the cashier next to her over and he looked at the check also. They both smiled.

I then realized what she had found on my check. In the upper left hand corner next to my personal information there was a scripture I had included when I ordered my checks. This was what REALLY stood out to her on that day. The scripture said, "The Lord is my strength and my song" (Exodus 15:2) God had wanted her to see that, I believe. She was given a Word in due season. (Isaiah 50:4) Through that short and simple passage God gave her peace and assurance. She made it known to everyone around her as she said a rather loud, "Amen!"

As I was leaving I said to her with another smile, "We all need help in this world and He is the best help we could ever get." It made her day, as it made mine too. I gave thanks to the Lord as I wheeled my groceries out to my car that day, and again I realized how much a little seed planted with God's Word, always brings forth a harvest. It will accomplish His purpose. (Isaiah 55:11) The increase was seen by many on that day and I was thankful for being able to just be a small part of it.

God should always get all the glory, however big or small it may seem to be, as He puts it in motion to draw others to Him. Jesus said, "No one can come to Me unless the Father (God) who sent Me draws him. (John 6:44) This woman at the counter needed the Lord on that day. I pray that she (we) would realize how much we need Him to direct our lives along the path He has chosen with great care. And they shall all be taught by God. (Isaiah 54:13) After all, we belong to Him anyway as He continues to reveal Himself to each one every day, in ways that touch our life.

So wherever you go, today and tomorrow ... watchout! God is looking to use you for His purpose and pleasure. Many are called, but few are chosen. (Matthew 20:16)

May we hear His voice and play our part in helping others. It is never by our might or power, but by His spirit. (Zech 4:6)

You will be surprised at how small your wants or needs become when you reach out to another who needs a hand. For your hand will fit quite nicely indeed :)

Seeking first the kingdom of God (His ways) and then the rest will be added to you! (Matthew 6:33)

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