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From: Chris Klitzing

I don't know if, anyone else ever experiences signs from God. I find myself in constant prayer during troubling times in my life. Fear always is outside the door. The nagging feeling that there isn't a God. When, the troubles seem to overcome me, I always ask God to give me a sign.

A few years ago, I'd first got into AA. At that time, felt as though, I couldn't slip into a deeper feeling of despair. One day while driving along, feeling as low as can be. I happened to notice along the interstate a sign on a overpass. Someone had painted TRUST JESUS. After that day, I've noticed this on numerous overpasses on my way to St. Louis.

A friend and I go to Ky. Lake sailing every summer and I've noticed the TRUST JESUS on overpasses going south to Ky. as well. I don't go east or north enough to notice if, there's a TRUST JESUS painted along the way.

I've also noticed in my drives how when, you're really searching for God the right bumper sticker is always there as well. I've noticed that, there will be signs along the road or, I'll drive past a church with an inspiration that lets me know God is there.

I believe, that God is alive and well. I believe, if you look for him you'll find him through out your day. Looking at the full moon that God put in the sky tonight made me stop and think, how Almighty God truly is.

Just remember, God didn't move away from us, we've moved away from him. Come on home God's waiting for you.


If you do not see a sign, read the Bible, it is God's big sign. Just for you ... 2jesus

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