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From: Mrs Elizabeth Mayeme and Mr Anderson Mayeme from Africa

We have seen our guilt! We have seen that our deepest, darkest, secret sins were held in the hands of Jesus and was nailed with those hands on the cross.

We have washed away of our sins in the name of Jesus Christ. We have confessed our sins before Him.

Dear Lord, we are blind sinners, you are a healing, loving saviour. Please forgive us all our past. Cleanse our souls from its sins. Come into our heart. Open our blinded eyes. Let us walk every moment in the light of your presence. Be our Lord and Master from this day on. In Jesus, Amen.

We would kindly request for a Bible that you could give that would help to guide and aid us so that we may not stumble through life in spiritual darkness again. The Bible will be our guidebook in life. We would study it everyday to learn to know our Heavenly Father, to walk with Jesus and share what we are learning to others.

May the Lord Bless you.

Mrs Elizabeth Mayeme and Mr Anderson Mayeme

We welcome the Mayeme's to the family of God. Their Bible is on the way ... 2jesus

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