From Tanya Rolinski

Hello... I'm not sure if you remember me. My name is Tanya and I'm from the island of Guam. I remember you sending me my very first NIV Bible when I was just a baby in Christ. Gosh, this was back in 2001, I believe. I remember you even sent me a photo of you with a dolphin and some prayers to rebuke Satan because of my home being attacked constantly. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the prayers and everything. I'm still living a godly life with my husband and kids - The kids love church ... well, kids church, anyway. I did backslide once but Jesus brought me back home. We now living in California and attend the home church in San Jose ( It's an awesome bible based church. Well, like I said before ... Thank you sooooo much. I know that you were a part planting the seed within me and I definitely grew. So, I just thought I'd write to let you know that I never forgot you and never will! Thank you again and may God bless and be with you always ...

Richard & Tanya

This is a thank you to Jesus, I just collected it for Him ... Ferd@2jesus

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