From: Pauline

I know that you know who I am. I just want to make the conversation special. I want to say I love you. I love you today and every day. I love you when I forget to say I do and I know I need you the more on those days. Forgive me when I do forget and send your guardian angels swiftly to me for protection from the wiles of the enemy, natural and supernatural. I expect it because I know you love me like that. You have always had my back. Even when the world and living get in my way and broad side me, trying to separate me from you and your love and from your guidance, you saved me just in the nick of time. I am so sure of your love it frighten me I take it for granted and even though I say and feel that. I am not doing anything for you and I know that is wrong father not just unto you but for me and my soul. I know you saved me and put me into your house under your protection. But Lord I am just sitting here with others who are saved and safe but malnourished with our backs up against the wall. We can see out were the light is bright and your yard is perfectly manicured. Your sunlight is marvelous. I can sense your beauty of creation in the air. I can see the wooded area just past your lawn, thick but not intimidating. Others are just sitting in that house, Lord you saved us and put us here we are saved but desolate and lacking luster. I have ventured to the door way and open it to the world of life, light and beauty, slamming the nemesis of Satan behind it when I did. I know you know who I am I just wanted to make this conversation special Lord Jesus. I love you. I want to go out into your beautiful yard and enjoy your sunshine and partake of the beauty you created for me. In my head and in my heart I know the words and I know the way but I can not move beyond this door. I know this is a lie. You gave me the power, Adoni power when you saved me and brought me into this house of your. I just have not the strength or experience in me to use it. I have been in this place of saved but not nourished to flourish too long and I need you to feed me and lift me up that I may lift you up before men. Enable me to lift you up before the ones that are still sitting and need you to get them to your door way that they may see the beauty and brightness that will bring joy to their lives too. Father let them see what you have beyond the saved and safe in your house. Breathe on me. I need the cleansing the refreshing the strength it will bring. Banish the lie from my life that I can not walk out the door into what is mine because you have already given it to me and the power to claim it for myself and others. Father give me souls to make you known unto. Give me souls to draw unto you. Oh Jesus cause me to do the work before me for you. Father cause me to worship you in spirit and in truth. Renew my strength in you; anoint me unto the preparation for your ministry to preach. Please put in me what I need to teach your word and magnify your name, to prophesy what you give me to prophesy just as you spoke into my spirit years ago that I shall. Use me even as I am now, to glorify you and your grace and mercy. I will not despise a small beginning. I know you know who I am, but I just want to make this conversation special. I love you, I love you. I need you. Give me works to go with my faith in you that I might prosper in what you have for me, pass the doorway of saved in the land of the living that your Son came and died for me to have, abundant life. Help me to be appreciative in your sight for I truly thank you. I love you is usually not enough it needs proof and true love has that. Therefore I desire to worship you in spirit and truth. Grant me peace I pray. I love you.


PS I know you know who I am Adonai my Lord, God of all of the universe, the beginning and the end of all things known and unknown.

Adonai - the LORD who is GOD. If this name was used to mean someone other than God, "Adoni" was used which was a common word for one who was a master and ruler. When you saved me you gave me Adoni power. Bring it forth in me, only you can do it because only you in me can rule this flesh your Spirit is housed in. You choose me now use me I humbly plead out of love for you and my desire to live a life that is pleasing before you and for me. Hear and answer my plea, your word says you will give me the desires of my heart. My heart desire this, you know who I am, I just wanted this conversation to be special.

Amen, I love you

Sincerely, Pauline

I know that Pauline will get the desires of her heart ... 2jesus

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