From: Naomi.

This is a letter from a long time visitor to 2jesus. Her name is Naomi. She decided last year to become a missionary. She has been in the back country of Indonesia. She calls me her Uncle and I am very proud of her. She makes me understand how much some of us give up for Christ. But only in this world. Naomi's rewards will be returning to her forever. Ferd@2jesus

Dear Uncle,

I miss you so much ..., in Sumba I always remember you and your kindness, and I print your last pray for me so I can read it when I need a courage. And it really worked, even until now.

How are you, my uncle? I'm ok, but in Sumba I've got malaria for about 1 week or more. There were so many works to do, but I enjoyed it always. 2 months away from Internet makes me wan'na use Internet as long as I want, but so pity, I don't have much time. This is 7.10 PM now in Jakarta.

Btw, merry X'mas, uncle ..., sorry I can't send you a beautiful e-card as usual, and even this is already late a little bit ... How is X'mas there in your place, uncle? no snow like usual? In Jakarta, rain almost all entire the day. wet every place. But i enjoy the X'mas, cause I can celebrate it with my family, not there in Sumba alone. I arrived in Jakarta Dec 24, and this is my first time in using Internet. Thanks for your prayer always, I know your always pray for me. Thanks a lot, uncle.

About my story: I will tell you little by little but not all at once now. This time I'll tell you only the point. I worked with people in the villages, 4 different villages in different time. World Vision Sumba already made community group in helping them increase their economic, health, and education. And my job is learning with people how they do World Vision (WV) program for them sake, learning how to live with them with very difficult life. I saw the people in need, so sad, they have the same right with us to enjoy a good life but they can't feel it. Children drop out of school because no money, lack of water and food, some diseases that sometimes kill them. So sad ... I had to live the same life with them to show my empathy and show my love. Without it, they won't believe that WV and I really care of them. But they tell me, without WV, they can't live longer with increasing life. That makes me happy, that WV not waste the money for nothing. I will tell you about it more later.

Now about the nice things. I have some times to see some beautiful places there, not only the place, but also their traditions. But pity of me, I have no camera so I couldn't take picture of it. If I have any camera, I will take the picture and send it to you so you can see how beautiful is Sumba, and how amazing is their tradition, and how sad is their life. Oh, so many things I wan'na shoot for many reason: beauty, sadness, real life, many things. I have a dream to have a camera so when I go some where later I can take picture of places, people, and everything that every body knows the real life of people in need.

Until the end of Jan 05 I will be here in Jakarta, and if I pass the training I will be placed in any place on Feb. So we can contact again like usual. Thanks for reading my long email, don't bother if I send you some other long emails after this later.

Ok uncle, have a nice Christmas with your family, and enjoy the year to come. God bless you, my best dear uncle ...



Naomi, a child of God. We all love her ... Ferd@2jesus

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