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From: Noori.

This letter is from an 8 yr. old girl after the devastating earthquake in Pakistan, from our Brother Silas in Pakistan, he translated this into English.

My dear Father, I am writing this letter to you for the first time. I am not sure it will reach you or not because I don't know your right address. Our Teacher says that God hears of us all. Whatever we think in our hearts is known by you. Therefore, I believe this letter will surely reach you. God, my name is Noori and I am writing you this letter sitting into a humming room.

How crazy am I that I am telling you my name and address, while teacher tells us God knows everything about us. But I will tell you everything because my heart wants to speak to you. I have many children with me to speak but like me some are injured or have lost their "Mama" "Papa" for which they always used to cry. Yesterday evening, uncle came to us and gave us bitter medicines to drink but after that he also gave us food to eat and good things, sweets and clothes. Teacher says that your writing is not good but you are God I think you will understand it. I don't know where my teacher is now. Is she alive or died.

I also don't know where my parents are and my little brother "Guddu" is now. God I am missing Guddu much. I want to weep bitterly but uncle and other uncles cease me to cry. When we cry, these people think that our wounds are paining. I have a bandage on my leg that is why I cannot move. My little brother Guddu is 3 years old. He is very wicked and irritates me much. He tears my school notebooks. Whatever I want to eat, he snatches it from me. I also sometimes get angry of him. But when he put his arms around my neck and kisses me, all of my anger wipes away.

O Dear God, please tell me where my brother is? Where my parents are? These people speak and I also hear from them. But I have seen all things through my eyes. I was going to school and was still in my way that I heard horrible voices and explosive sounds. I started screaming. Then mountains, trees and all houses of our village fell down. Then I don't know what happened. Now I don't know where my Mama Papa is and my brother Guddu. Today it is morning. What type of morning is this neither my Papa bought me clothes nor Mama dressed me with love. Uncle has given us clothes and toys but I don't know whether Guddu has clothes and toys or not.

God, have Mama Papa really died? Is my younger brother Guddu with You? If he is with You, please take good care of him because he is very young. If my Mama Papa and brother have reached to You, then please call me also because I cannot live without them.

Yours Daughter, Noori

I do not know what has happened to Noori, but I know that God heard her. Please take time to say a prayer for her ... 2jesus

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