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From: Ernest

2jesus gets the best that God has to offer. Here is a letter from a brother in Christ that is walking tall.

Dear Ferd:

I have worked part time in a nursing home for the past three years. There have been about a half dozen times now when I have been caring for a resident who passed away during my shift. I've come to recognize all of the physical signs which appear prior to death and can now predict to within a half hour when a resident will die. When alone with the resident shortly before they go I will lean in and whisper the Lord's prayer into their ear and end the prayer by asking God to take this person home. I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to different types of prayers that I could say for a resident when they are close to death because I often feel that I have missed something important or just not said the appropriate prayer.

Ernest Mountain

2jesus answer:

Dear Ernest,

Bless your heart. God has put you in a wonderful ministry. Few could have the strength that you have to face death on a daily basis. I do not think I could.

When you get to Heaven you will see all of the people you said that prayer for. And they will be saying thank you for being in their life. And when you meet Jesus he will say thank you my son for a job well done.

Ernest, you might also look at the 23rd Psalm. But what ever you feel, will be right as the Lord is leading you in this work, and Jesus is standing right beside you.

Your brother in Christ, Ferd

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