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From: Mariam.

Dear Lord,

Thanking you for this blessed morning and also thanking you for waking me up and getting me ready for my morning class. Thank you lord for giving me a blessed family. Keep my Acha and Amma safe in your hands also my brother Sherry, sister Simi and brother in law Alex.

Help my friends especially these two Avinash and Mathews in your hands Lord. Let their nice wishes come true. Please let Avinash forget about his past and give him a good future. Give both of them a good family life. Please give them all the nice things they wish for. Please keep Avinash's and Matthew's families safe. Don't let your children to be lost anywhere dear Lord.

Dear Lord you know what is in my mind now, keep the fear out of mind. Give me strength to overcome the fear. Please don't let happen anything bad happen. Dear Father Help me. You are our Savior. Help me to study well and bring my grades up and get a job faster. Help me to think about nice things and don't let the fear come into me and push me down.



From your own child ... Mariam.

Such a sweet prayer ... 2jesus.

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