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From: Charlie Bridge

Charlie came 2jesus with a heart made up to save his friend Olin. Olin had cancer. Olin had a heart attack. Olin was in ICU. Olin was on his way out ...

But Charlie had faith. The God kind of faith. The kind that you speak and things happen kind of faith. Even though his Church did not know God's will about healing, Charlie did.

Charlie asked 2jesus to stand with him. And we did. We prayed and gave Charlie some literature for his friend. Olin was too sick to read but Charlie had Olin's wife to stay by his side and read to Olin. Charlie never doubted. Through Jesus he was going to save his friend. He was putting Jesus to the test. He was claiming the promises for his friend Olin.

The best way that I can tell you what happened is in Charlie's report to 2jesus ...

Hi Ferd, an update on my friend Olin who had cancer and had the heart attack last week. I went to see him today and he didn't even look like the guy I saw just two days ago. This one is full of spirit and life and chattering like a squirrel to anyone who will stop and listen. He is now out of ICU and down in the Oncology unit. His blood work came back "clean as a whistle" and even his liver (which also had cancer and was swelled up) is now back to normal. His septicemia (blood poisoning) is gone and some nasty bruises he had have almost all cleared up. He made a comment to me that he "feels" different inside, and knows that Jesus is healing him. PRAISE GOD!

They are calling his recovery "remarkable". He also said he feels he has more strength now than he has ever had in his life! His hips were really giving him trouble because of the cancer, and I believe he said something about them feeling like they were getting stronger. I can't be for sure what all he said because I was so excited and praising God the whole time I was there, and telling everyone that it was God's hand on him that was doing all of this.

Well, I just thought I would share that with you. Oh yeah, I shared this all with my bible study group tonight and the only comment I got was from our leader. He said "that's great Charlie", but he said it with all the enthusiasm he would if I had told him I took my trash out to the curb this morning. I'll tell you Ferd, we have a real problem in the Christian faith of people not trusting (and having faith ) in God's word and His promises. I still believe that God has me where He wants me though, and to help others see that God does answer our prayers. I have a prayer list with 27 people on it right now, it might take all 27 to be healed before anyone starts to have a little faith, that's OK though. God is a patient and loving God, He'll give us some time. Thanks for your prayers for Olin, and for me, they are appreciated. God bless you and yours. Your brother in Christ, Charlie.

I thank people like Charlie, who take God at His word. And go the exta mile to share his faith and to heal his brothers ... Ferd@2jesus

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