From Robin

Dear Ferd,

Last Wednesday evening at church was awesome! Pastor starting out telling us that someone lost their mother this week, a mother lost her son and one of our elders was in ICU due to a massive heart attack. The gentleman was not going to make it, per the Dr's. Apparently, the man was on life support last week and only 20% of his heart was working.

Pastor called all of us, there's usually 500 people in Wednesday pm service. Everyone was called to the front of the church and asked to touch someone near by and just pray out loud to the Lord for each of these people who were suffering. Every single person was praying their own prayers out loud and whoa, the ground was a shakin!!

It was so moving - Royce, Mom and I were all a crying mess. The power was earth shaking and I don't think there was a dry eye in the place - man nor woman. After pastor finished up with a prayer for all, we returned to our seats, I told Royce the gentleman in ICU is going home. There's no way he's not!! There was just to much of the Holy Spirit in that place for him to not be well. Well, last night (Wed) service we were told the man was going home today! He's doing great I knew it, the Lord told each one of us!! Praise the Lord.

I've been casting out eczema whenever needed for Jor, and he's doing just fine. I have accepted that sometimes healing is a process for some and not always an overnight miracle. It took me a long time to accept that and once I did and not let the length of time detour my faith, he started looking exceptionally well. I remind the eczema demon when he tries to cause Jordan issues, that he MUST leave and that I have authority over him, as given to me in the name of Jesus by God's word.

I'm getting more comfortable with this and leaning on Christ much more. I really have to learn to always give things over to Jesus and not put myself through so much unnecessary stress. The more I learn, the easier this is to do.

Ferd, thank you for the 2Jesus web site, without it and the very special person who lovingly up keeps it, I'd still be searching through information overload (Dr. made) and looking in all the wrong places. So many Christians think Christ died to save our souls, and that the resurrection is all about our afterlife. We miss out on all the wonderful gifts and power He gave us by his atonement as he ascended back to Heaven ... I was one of them.

I will sign off for this evening and hope that you have a blessed Friday. It was nice to hear from you, you're a good and treasured friend.


Robin, is a dear friend. We met on 2jesus and have gone through her problems together. She as you can see is now getting comfortable with Jesus knowing that through Him all things are possible. Thank you Jesus ... 2jesus

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