From Bro Joe (China)

Lord, thank You for a faithful people who call You Abba, who draw upon you always. Even as we may stray away from You Lord sometimes but Your perfect love sends others who are called by You to lead us back into the righteous path once again that we will never fall out of Your perfect will. We thank You Abba for Jesus, who did the perfect work and set us free from all sin and bondages, shortcomings and fall of this world and that has set us apart being reborn in the Holy Spirit we are now in this world but not of this world.

Abba thank You for giving us Your heaven a place beside You in Christ Jesus on Your right hand. Thank You that You love us so much You place us on Your bosom a place of perfect rest and reassurance to know how a child finds rest in the arms of their parents in the bosom of the father or mother. Lord, You are above all. We rest in the bosom of Love, God for You are perfect love so we rest on Your love that is the same, forever unchanging unbending relentlessly for us yesterday, today and forever.

Lord how can we thank You enough for this gift of love and acceptance that You have so willingly given to us by grace requiring nothing from a man of poverty like us, not being able to give You anything but out brokenness and hopelessness. Abba thank You that You cared and that You still care for every little intimate moment in our struggle in live Abba You are there with us, Jesus You are the in us by Your Holy Spirit. I thank You forever with my life that you have given to me is now Yours. I am truly a blessed vessel filled with Christ.

In Jesus name strengthen us and multiply us all across this world to reach out to the unreached that they will come to know You as we have been privilege to have You. Thank You Holy Spirit for your faithfulness abiding in us always, all times even at time we grieve you by our wrong doings but thank you Holy Spirit you see only the perfection in Christ that is in us and you guide us along throughout the road that leads back to our home in heaven.

Where there is a moment of weakness you always minister to us, remind us of Jesus, remind us of our loving Abba in heaven, in times of trouble you pray for us and deliver us by the power of the living God you are so perfect! For Holy Spirit you are the living Spirit of Christ Jesus in us, we thank you, once again thank You Abba, thank You Jesus and thank You Holy Spirit. Lead us into a Spirit filled life of victory that overcome this world just as Jesus had overcome the world. Amen! Amen! Amen!

For God did not give you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and of love and of self discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7).

Bro Joe

Joe has shown us God who has given us everything ... 2Jesus

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