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From: Jackie

People come to Jesus all the time for prayer and to pray for others. What I would like for them is to find the power of Jesus that is within themselves.

Jackie, came to ask for prayers for her brother, he was in the hospital with a sever heart condition. The family are not Christians and are against speaking about Jesus. She did not think that they would welcome her there at the hospital.

I told her to go to her brother and speak quietly in his ear so the others would not hear. Then we agreed on the prayer that she would say ... Here is what happened.


Dear Brother Ferd.

I did what you said with the cloth and put my hand on his head and said in his ear what you told me to say not no one said anything but I think they were glad I did. I know I am after I left and got to the car the first time ever I have done something like this. I felt a peaceful feeling come over me and the worry left and I just know he is going to be fine, first time I have ever prayed and felt like this. On the way up I kept telling my self I have to do this but I was nervous about it but I know now it was the right thing to do. I also got a blessing out of it knowing my brother is going to be ok, plus I felt like the Lord was speaking to me. I know He was, He said, "well done my child." I am so up lifted right now I cant sleep and just feel so good the best I have felt in a long time. I don't sleep good, but tonight when I do lay down I think i am going to rest fine. I feel so good. I have not felt this way in a long time, so long I can not remember praise God I know my brother is going to be ok and praise God I could be a part of this. Kind of like a tool for Jesus. Praise God for you Brother Ferd for showing me what to do and how to do it may God bless you in every way. Praise God for you Brother Ferd.

Sister Jackie

We never know what God will do until we try ... 2jesus

A second letter from Jackie

Dear Brother Ferd,

I went to see my brother yesterday morning before surgery and I was real surprised what he said to me. He said, Jackie I want to go to heaven but just not today. It told me he believed in the Lord. The surgery was to take 6 to 7 hours it only took 4 they said he had to have 3 bye passes but they say he is doing good. He came out of the surgery ok he's still with us praise God.

I have a sister we have not talked to for years her husband has been having health problems. He had a heart attack a few months back, he also has lung problems and on a breathing machine. The lord put it on me to go talk to him and tell him about how Jesus can heal. I did not know if they would even talk to me but I had to try so I went.

I was welcomed with open arms. I visited with them and then I told them the reason I came was I heard about all Dwight was going though and that the Lord put it on my heart to tell you that Jesus can heal you if you believe. We talked over 2 hours about the Lord, Him and my sister. I told them about how I came to your site, 2jesus and what a blessing it was and ask her if I could show her the site. We went to her computer and I marked it for her so she could go back to it. I did not pray over him but I did pray when I got home. For some reason something told me to just plant the seed.

My sister told me the next day I am so glad you came, he needed to hear that. She said, I tell him all the time but he thinks I am just saying it. I told of your site and told her that I wanted to share this blessing with her that you and your site was a blessing to me. I thank God for all he has done and I thank him for you brother Ferd.

Love in Christ

Jackie, just keeps on working and Jesus just keeps on lighting the way ... 2jesus

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