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Julie, is a friend of mine. We met about four years ago. She just dropped into 2jesus to look for some help. She was out on the west coast and things were not so good. You see Julie was going to take her life. We spent some time together and she met Jesus.

Once Julie met Jesus her life just turned around. She just could not get enough of Jesus. She would visit almost everyday. Her life was so full now that she could hardly remember the old Julie. You see that Julie was no more, as she was born again.

Julie, got so excited that she started going to Church. Then she wrote and said that she was going to study to be a minister. Well now Julie is a minister. But what she really is, is a child of God. Here is a letter that I got from her today. It just makes me smile to remember Julie when ...

Hi Ferd,

I haven't written in a while. Just thought I should drop a note. J

I just wanted you to know that I was speaking with a man that was in town yesterday and he needed $4 to get the bus to go back home. I had exactly $4 in my pocket and graciously handed it over to him. He thanked me a lot and then proceeded to engage a conversation about "spiritual beliefs".

He said that he was just speaking with a pastor and needed some more advise. I answered his question the way that the Holy Spirit was directing me and he turned and looked at me with the biggest and brightest eyes and smile that I had ever seen. He told me that I had just confirmed what the pastor had said and that because our answers were so similar, he knew that God was working in Christianity. He then said, a little softer and quieter, "I know now what I need to do and who I need to follow." With much excitement, he said to me, "I need Jesus!". This was the greatest feeling ever. I asked him if he wanted me to pray with him and he said that he didn't know what to say. We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus and for the greatest gift of love that our Father has given to us and then we prayed a sinner's prayer. After that, he continued on his own and turned his life over to Jesus. He said, "Lord Jesus, I never saw what you did for me before but now I know that you care. You died that I might live in God's Kingdom once passed from this world. I am thankful that you are here and that you still accept me. Thank you for washing away my sins through your blood and sacrifice. I accept you as my Lord and my Savior and I want you to be in my life. Now and forever, Amen."

I asked him if he had a church or a pastor in his hometown that he could go and speak with or if he needed me to set something up for him. He advised that his girlfriend went to a church and that he just didn't know if it was right so he did not attend but assured that he would be there from now on, front row, center.

How about some good news for a Wednesday?

Your sister in Christ,

Yes, Julie is a friend of mine. And Jesus too ... Ferd@2jesus

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