By Ferd Sebastian

I want to introduce you to two sisters in Christ, Robin and Royce. They are in their early 30's and work together on the West Coast of Florida.

Both of these women regularly visit and we have become friends. We came together because of Robin's son Jordan. He is a fine healthy boy except he was allergic to everything. To the extent that he was always itching and scratching until he bled. He could not eat with the other children or join in at their parties. He had to stand back and watch as they had their cookies and cakes. Robin had taken him to every kind of Doctor. Nothing could be done. Everything that he ate broke him out.

Then she came 2jesus and trusted Jesus for his healing. Now daily he gets better and better. To see him now you would not believe that this is the same boy. We had dinner together and Jordan ate more than me and was as happy as a young man could be. Thank you Jesus.

On Wednesday January the 7th 2004 at about 9:54 am Robin was touched by the Holy Spirit. She got up from her desk at work and rushed to get Royce. She took her to a quit place and said that we have to pray for Ferd. Together they prayed until they felt the victory of the Lord. They did not know exactly what they were praying for except that they knew that I and my family needed their help, as they prayed in the spirit and the Holy Spirit always knows how to pray. Romans 8:26

Every person that comes to 2jesus I pray for ... It was now pay back time.

Where was I on Tuesday, the 6th? I was in Miami and I had spent the day in tension. My spirit was trying to give the problems to God, but the world was bombarding me. My son and daughter-in-law were in a law suit that was culminating after 4 years of brutal dispute against one of the most powerful companies in America. Three of their employees had assaulted and raped my daughter-in-law. My wife and I were witnesses in the case. Things got very hectic between the lawyers and the kids. It ended that day, but with much stress.

On Wednesday I woke up still reliving the case and still trying to find the best answers for some of the remaining problems. It was about 9:40 am. I was very emotionally involved and up tight. I thought that I would go for a walk and talk to Jesus. But I did not get a half a block away when I started feeling worse. My whole body was knotted up, my stomach was hurting and I was light headed. I thought I was going to pass out. I started back to the room.

I just made it to the room and fell on the bed. Beverly rushed over and put her hand on my heart and started praying and I was praying with her. As we later looked back at the time it was 9:54 am Wednesday the 7th. The same time that the girls were praying several hundred miles away.

I was praying in the natural and in the spirit ... Then the Holy Spirit took over the prayer, I could not stop it. This was not my spirit praying it was the Holy Spirit ... My spirit was just hanging on for the ride. Tears were flowing as He was praying. He was pleading for my life to the Father. I did not know the words He used just the sincere love and concern for me and that He was speaking to the Father. The tone of voice was not mine and I knew that it had to be worrying Beverly, so I tried to speak a few words in between His when I could, to tell her everything was ok. Very shortly everything was ok, I was fine and we drove back to our home three hundred miles away.

Jesus said, to love one another as He has loved us. John 13:34. Two young women, several hundred miles away, were sensitive to the calling of the Holy Spirit and gave all the love that they had for me that morning, as they joined Beverly and I in prayer. That is what Jesus commanded us to do ... To be there with love for one another. That is the true body of Christ.

There is no way that I could ever tell you how much Jesus loves you. The Holy Spirit moved over me on January the 7th. at 9:54 am and said, Devil, this one is mine and you can not take him out. Praise be to the Father, His Son Jesus and His Precious Holy Spirit. Forever and ever ... Amen.

Your brother in Christ, Ferd

The Holy Spirit, the most beautiful gift of all ... 2jesus

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