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From: Ferd

Everyone looks at Columbine and as it repeats itself in schools across the country they try to figure out how that could happen. What went wrong? Well it is really very simple. The Devil has a sure fire (or should I say hell fire) method of raising Hell Raisers.

If you are doing the following with your children you are following the Devil's plan. You are raising a Hell Raiser.

  1. As you raise your child from a baby, GIVE HIM EVERYTHING HE WANTS. That way the boy or girl thinks the world owes them everything they desire. And as he grows, he will get very mad if he does not get it.
  2. Laugh at him when he says a BAD WORD. As he grows the words will not be so funny anymore. Particularly when he is cussing you out.
  3. Never give SPIRITUAL TRAINING. After all when he is in his teens he will be able to decide for his self what he wants to believe. Of course by that time it is too late as the Devil already has him in his pocket.
  4. Avoid the use of the word WRONG. We don't want to give him a complex. Despite the fact that he will grow up thinking he can do no wrong.
  5. Pick up EVERYTHING FOR HIM. His clothes, his dishes, his garbage. That way he will expect the world to take care of him. And of course you will be raising a slob.
  6. Let them READ AND LISTEN TO EVERYTHING THEY WANT. Sure, why not go all out and just give your children to Satan. Because these are the items he uses to brain wash them with. The Devil's best weapons are Music, drugs and sex. When he hooks them on these it is hard to ever get them back.
  7. HAVE ARGUMENTS in front of your children. They will feel insecure in the family and try to find love somewhere else. I can guarantee it will be the wrong places.
  8. Give them all the MONEY they want. They will never know how to earn it. But you will always be around. And when you are gone, the government can take care of them.
  9. Your child is NEVER WRONG. Little Johnny is never wrong. He has a big bad teacher. That mean old policeman set him up and made him steal. Johnny grows up and believes he can get away with everything. Look at Bill Clinton.
  10. NEVER, NEVER, spank your child. You would not want him to think you did not love him. Of course now that he is grown he feels that there is no penalty for anything.

If you have been raising your child this way, get prepared for a life full of grief. BECAUSE YOU ARE RAISING A HELL RAISER.


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