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By: Obi Felix Abrahams

As a young school lad in my village, there was something that really intrigued me. Some in the senior class used to thrill us during the break time with some kind of magic Their supposed magic wand was just a mere hand lens - whose functions were alien to me until I entered the secondary school. By holding forth the lens under the sun, and over a prolonged period of time,the lens was capable of setting a piece of paper ablaze or burn the skin. What could be more thrilling them this?

Those observations baffled, yet intrigued my young mind. That a chip of glass possessed same power that a match stick or lighter hard to produce heat without the help of explosives or inflammable chemicals was mind blowing to me then! An intrigue indeed.

Not too long after, my curiosity was laid to rest when I entered the secondary school. In my physics lessons on light and optical instruments, I found the answer to the mystery behind "The lens that can burn!". The lens (convex) has the power of converging (i.e. concentrating) the sun's energy around a certain area called, the FOCAL POINT. At that point, a large quantum of solar energy is trapped from the sun that is millions of kilometers away from the earth. And with that quantum and amount of energy, a whole forest can be turned into a furnace, and a heap of rubble, into a bonfire with just a lens & the Power Of Focus!

Similarly, at the focal point of a lens (or a mirror) is an image at its best. When the lenses in our eyes lose this power, visual acuity gets compromised, then short sighted ness and long sighted ness become the inheritable consequences. To correct this anomaly, the optician normally provides an artificial lens to correct the inability to focus else there could be tragedy and eventual blindness.

We cannot over blow the importance of focus and its derived power. Focus is natural and creation exemplifies the principle of focus. Singleness of purpose is the foundation on which success is birthed. Without focus and order, chaos would seize the reins of life and energy dissipation on the trivialities of life becomes inheritable associates and harbingers of failure and disappointments.

In the human brain, there is focus and specialization of functions by the respective zones. A section controls movement, another overseas sight, another cares for audition (hearing), another on smell etc. Some centers receive signal, some integrate and analyze them, while others relay the processed information through the nerves (wires) to the muscles, organs and specialized tissues & power of focus!

After a heavy meal, a percentage of the blood supply to the brain cells is diverted to the digestive system and during intellectual work and contemplation, blood supply to the brain peaks! There is power in having a focus in life. A ship without a bearing or rudder will play host to angry waves. A jet that coasts along the path of nowhere will ultimately crash land into the island of nowhere. As an aimless shot will always miss the agreed target, so will a life bereft of focus miss the fulfillment that comes from living a focused life. Let your focus be single!

As you surf along this new year, be sure to focus your heart on God and you'll experience life unimaginable. If your focus on God is clear and sharp, you'll have no problems with having a focus in life.

Concluding quotes!

"Great inventions are offsprings of focus" - Obi Felix

"Focus on an idea and you will attract the wisdom, resources, energy, and people that will make the idea work" - Obi Felix.

"Give me a person who says this one thing I do',and not these fifty things I dabble in'... D L Moody.

"This one thing I do ..." - Paul the apostle.

"If your eyes be single,your whole body will be full of light" - Jesus Christ

Do have a lovely week and keep digging until you get a nuggetz that'll change your life forever!

The NuggetzMan,

Felix Obi
Lagos Nigeria

Stay focused on Jesus and soon you will be like Him ... 2jesus

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