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From: Daryl

For so many years I believed bits and pieces of the bible. As it says, the parts that I was comfortable with ... which was very little at the time. I was putting God in a box and putting limitations on Him. To say, "God I know you can do that, but not this over here.

Friends, God can do ALL things. For us it is impossible, but to God ALL things are possible! Let me say that again ... ALL things!! When Jesus said, "Let the children come to me and do not forbid them, for such is the kingdom of God," what He was saying was to have the faith of a little child and to "Just believe" what He is telling us as the truth ... and nothing but the truth. Remember, God cannot lie.

So if you ever feel that there is something in the bible that will not work for you, but might work for someone else, think again because the devil will try and get you to have doubts about it and even try to confuse you with different scriptures. The devil knows the bible too and he will use it to his advantage if he can. Also, God is not the author of confusion.

Don't eat just what you want from the buffet line because the rest of the food might give you indigestion or gas. God's Word will set well with you and in it you will find peace and comfort throughout the rest of you days. I say these things because God loves you so much and because Jesus gave His life for you and me that we would be set free from all the evil and hurt of this world.

So go back up to the buffet line and get ALL that God is giving to you freely!

Love to you all,

2jesus is going to the buffet with Daryl. We will have a feast!

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