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From: Marsha Thadison

Father God bless families!

Start with the elderly they are the sample before the next generation.

God I pray for the soul of our elderly. Sometime people because they are older they think they can say and do anything and that is not true. God will judge us for every word we speak, so let us speak in love at all time.

I am a grandmother and hear of so many grandparents not having love, time or patient for the little children. I pray we can learn to love like Yeshua / Jesus. God love is so powerful if we only take the time to read His Word, Speak His Word and bless the next generation by speaking blessing over them. God words will heal the hearts, minds and souls of a household to keep it together.

Acts 16:31

"So they said believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved you and your household. This just don't happen on Saturday or Sunday!

This is every minute of the day in church or at home our children need to see us living it. (Believing)

Proverbs 21-23

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keep his soul from trouble. I believe that we can keep the soul of the next generation by speaking love and God words over them.

God let us have wisdom to pass onto the next generation I pray!



This is very true from a wise woman ... 2jesus

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