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By: Eileen Fisher

Eileen gave this prophecy in Colorado Springs, School of the Holy Spirit.

I heard the Lord say: "So shall you hear the echoes of angels as they join you in the spirit. I'm looking for a remnant, who will press in like they did in the upper room, as the Spirit pressed into them. As you press into my Spirit, my Spirit will press you out. As he presses you out, those things that have kept you bound will have no place to land in."

For I am filling my bride fresh, I am filling my saints with great power from on high. I am also filling them with understanding so they won't walk about with holy fire and holy power and not have the knowledge of what it is to do," says the Lord.

"For I have a purpose and a plan for each one of you. "But, I say, "that you must learn to surrender. You must learn to bow down. You must learn to wait on my spirit, and then you must learn to obey. As I lead you out and have you do what I called you to do," says the Lord.

Others would pull you by the arm and say, "why would you do that"? And I would say; "there would be an echo in your heart of my spirit that would cry out thy will be done, thy kingdom come. For I am calling a people that would have the Kingdom of God, first and foremost in their minds. For I am about to pull down things that have raised up tongues against my kingdom,"says the Lord your God.

"For my kingdom shall not be overcome. For my kingdom shall be established on the earth," for did I not say; "that I am not here to do my own will but that of my Father's"? I will say; "that is the cry of revival. People will cry out in one voice, in one heart, in one obedient spirit and let the people say let the kingdom of God come forward in power and in might."

"Other things that would try to grab on and cannot hold on because of the blood of Jesus that will be held up high. For I will put over my own revival my bloody flag, and that, that would try to come under that banner it will not stick to that banner nor will they be able to come under that banner. For tonight I would put over each of you and over your household the banner of love," says the Lord your God.

"I am going to take disappointment and unrest off of you, and instead I am going to fill you to over flowing to strengthen you with the joy of my Spirit. I have seen the weariness and the tiredness of a bride." A bride that said; "Father I have released it to you." I will say unto you tonight; "that I have released it back into your hands by my spirit," says the Lord.

"I am about to release assignment after assignment after assignment. Those who know of their calling will do things with a marry heart, and those who know of the calling will do things with a light spirit and a light heart. They will come to understand that my joy will be the very strength that will cause them to go from victory to victory. They will understand that though they carry a cross that their flesh would die upon and their spirit is rising up from the very cross that they are carrying just as mine did. They will soon realize that they have been kissed by the spirit of the Lord your God."

"Be not concerned by those who would give words of discouragement or those who would give words of judgment." I would say unto you; "yes, judgment has come to the house of the Lord," but, I would say; "on the other hand that grace has been released over the broken hearted, it has been released on the hopeless. Grace has been released on the crippled saint who feels like they have no faith. Yet, they have rose up in their weakness to an expectancy coming to an understanding that my grace is not only sufficient, but, necessary. You are going to be known as a people not only full of grace but a graceful people who move in the emotions of grace since grace has overtaken you," says the Lord your God.

By Eileen Fisher

Amen ... 2jesus

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