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From: Joe

Dear Jesus, thanks for your continuing protection particularly when there seems no hope. Thank you for beautiful people You create and all the things we take for granted such as our health and each second of our life. Teach me to trust You more and to become more like You. Please lead me to the places You want me to be. Jesus please make my heart like Yours. Thank you for agreeing to suffer like You did for me and giving Your life. Please forgive my terrible selfishness and give me Your mercy. Please surround me with beautiful people. Thank you again Jesus - for the Easter bonus - I will accept it. Please help me know how to deal with it fairly, graciously, for the right purpose and without putting myself in any way above that purpose or Your wishes. I love You Jesus. Thanks again for suffering and dying on the Cross for me. For agreeing to be part of the plan of the Father.

I LOVE YOU JESUS. Please have mercy on me and forgive me. Teach me the ways of the Father. Holy Spirit thanks for all your grace and wisdom and strength!!


Let us all follow Joe's example ... 2jesus

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