From Anne

Anne, just lost her sister Lynn. We all had prayed with her as she struggled with terminal cancer. It was up and down as she improved and then fell back. But thank you Jesus, Lynn's few weeks turned into a couple of years. During that time Anne and Lynn spent much time together. Anne gently leading Lynn to a close relationship with Christ. At the end when there was no earthly hope, Lynn was still positive. She knew that she was going to live. And she is still alive even if she is not with us here on earth. The following is a letter from her sister Anne. We thank her for sharing with us ... 2jesus

From Anne:

I couldn't sleep this morning, and was praying, and I got this message from the Lord. I furiously wrote it down on paper plates in the kitchen (the kids use all the paper and post it notes), and came down here to transcribe it. I don't know how to describe it, other than the fact that the words are just in your head. You don't audibly HEAR them, but they're in your head, and when that happens, I write it all down. It will REALLY comfort all who read it.

From Jesus, "Be not afraid. She is leaving you for now, but she's coming home to me. And remember always, she will be here with me, waiting for the time you come home, helping to prepare a place for you. No matter what your circumstances or trials you endure on this earth, treasures are stored up for you in heaven, your eternal home, where you will have peace and eternal rest."

"I shall return some day, bringing my saints with me. Lynn will be a mighty warrior in the army of the Lord. She will never falter in my word. I will be a lamp unto her feet. Until that time, the appointed time known only to my Father, remember these things. Write them upon the tablet of your heart. She will be with me always, and so shall you, my child."

"You shall tread where serpents fear to tread. You will walk among your enemies and find favor with all men. You shall strike your foot upon a stone and it shall not harm you. You will have my strength, show my love, and impart my peace. These are my gifts to you for your faithfulness to me. Well done, my child. Well done."


Jesus, "Her home is marble and brick, with fabrics woven in gold thread, and jewels throughout, with a piano in the great room overlooking the garden. She will play; she will sing, she will find the rest she has been yearning for, and when she's rested, she will attend to things here, things I will appoint her to attend to. She will have the fullest of lives, for all eternity."


Jesus, "Heaven is real and tangible - as real as the fingers on your hand. When she departs from you, she shall arrive home and begin her journey. She is only beginning. This is not the end for her, but the beginning of her eternal journey. FEAR NOT. I am with you always."

We thank Anne for sharing. And we thank Jesus for His final words ... "FEAR NOT. I am with you always." ... 2jesus

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